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City and UA assist Tucson tech start-ups

With the creation of new businesses an important part of the City of Tucson’s economic development strategy, the City and the University of Arizona have formed an alliance to incubate local technology start-up companies. The Commercial Network Alliance is a part of the University’s Tech Launch Arizona (TLA) program and focuses on engaging local talent and expertise, particularly UA students and faculty.

Tucson has been identified in several recent national studies as one of the most promising cities for entrepreneurship and innovation in the country. The Commercialization Network Alliance was created to help fully realize this promise. 

“The City of Tucson welcomes this opportunity to work with our university partners to help create the conditions necessary for start-up success,” said Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild. “This is an important investment in building a base which will benefit not only University of Arizona start-ups, but all entrepreneurs in our city.”

The UA created TLA to move inventions, technologies, and intellectual property from the laboratory out into the marketplace. TLA brings together the faculty and researchers of the UA with the business community to maximize the impact of university research and innovation efforts.

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