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Tucson Bicycle & Pedestrian Program


The Department of Transportation believes that bicycling and walking are important modes of transportation.  To facilitate biking and walking in Tucson we do the following:

  • Plan, Implement and Maintain a network of Bikeways
  • Plan and Construct Pedestrian Signals
  • Identify and Rectify Barriers to Walking and Biking
  • Install Bicycle Parking
  • Educate and Encourage the General Population about Transportation Alternatives


In the News

  • Cyclovia Tucson's two 2013 events drew 25,000 people! Visit Cyclovia Tucson for more information and upcoming events.
  • Mayor and Council have created a Pedestrian Advisory Committee to help create a safer and more comfortable walking environment.  Let us know if you are interested in serving on this committee.  
  • Tucson is working on a Bicycle Boulevard Master Plan to develop an alternative mode network using our neighborhood streets.  There are five Bicycle Boulevards under design now and will be constructed in the next few years.  
  • New pedestrian/bike signals are going up around town to help people get across busy roads.  The City is working on installing several of these at this time.  Stay tuned for a signal coming to your neighborhood soon!   


Bicycle Boulevards

The City is  currently working on a new Master Plan for Bicycle Boulevards to help move Tucsonans around the City.

Visit the main Bicycle Page for the latest! 


Photos from previous Cyclovia Events!!! 


10,000 Tucsonan's participated! Click here to see event pictures from the March 2011 event.

Cyclovia Tucson is an annual community event that opens selected streets to people so that they can walk, skate, or bicycle without cars!  It's a free event, open to the public and fun for people of all ages.

Bring your family and friends to explore the route and enjoy a beautiful spring day filled with free activities. Take advantage of car-free streets -- during Cyclovia, the street is yours!

Visit the official Cyclovia Tucson webpage for the latest information or on Facebook.

Free Bike Commuter and Safety Classes

The City of Tucson and Pima County support folks who are trying to make a difference in their lives, for the environment, or just for fun, by riding their bikes. Click on the image above for the most current schedule of classes and then call 243-BIKE to register.  Classes are taught by League Certified Instructors in a casual setting in several locations around town.  We offer classes for adults, kids, women and just about anyone who wants to get into bicycling. In addition to learning something new, graduates recieve a FREE helmet, Lock or Lights for their bike.

Bike Classes

Bike Diversion Program

If you have received a traffic citation while riding your bicycle, you may have the option of taking a 4-hour class instead of paying the fine.  Please visit the same link above to access information regarding that.

Bike Boxes

The City of Tucson now has four bike boxes (6th St and Highland, Grant Road and Fontana, Speedway and 4th Avenue) and a partial bike box (Grant Road and Mountain Avenue)

Bike Box

Please check out our brochure to see what you should know about the Bike Box pdf

Diagram of  Highland/6th Street Bike Box pdf

Images (Flikr)

Press Release pdf


Images from around Tucson

Bikeway Improvements Downtown at the 4th Ave/Toole/Congress Intersection


Split Phase HAWK Beacon at Speedway and Cherry

HAWK Beacon

Hawk Beacon along Fontana Bike Boulevard at Ft. Lowell Road

Cross-Bike Treatment Along 3rd Street Bicycle Boulevard at Swan Road

TOUCAN Signal Along 3rd Street Bicycle Boulevard at Country Club

5th Avenue Green Street

Bike Church at Davis and Main Avenue

Mountain Avenue Buffered Bike Lanes

Mountain Avenue Buffered Bike Lanes

Colored Lane With Turn Restriction at Mountain Ave and Grant Road

Highland Bike Box at 6th Street

Highland Bike Box at 6th Street

Signage Along Tucson's Bikeways


Wayfinding Along the Jim Glock Bypass and the Time Market On-Street Bike Corral


Fontana Bicycle Boulevard Refuge and Diverter at Glenn Road

4th Avenue Bicycle Boulevard at Speedway Boulevard

Door-zone Bike Lane Removed Along University Bicycle Boulevard

Traffic Circle - Converted 4-way Stop to 4-way Yield Along the University Bicycle Boulevard

 Green Lane Treatments Through Mission and Starr Pass Intersection

Downtown Tucson's Bike Box and Green Lane at 4th Ave/Toole/Congress