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Business and Property Owner Information


The project has, and will continue to receive comments via the email address, comment cards, or phone calls. 


March 2-3, 2015 Property & Business Owner Meeting Materials:  Meetings with property owners and business owners adjacent to the roadway were held to allow them to review the staff-recommended 6-Lane Including Transit Refined Alignment map.  Broadway project team, Task Force members who are themselves business and property owners, and City staff engaged in discussions with those who attended; a report of the comments received from the meetings will be provided to the Citizens Task Force as part of the input gathered during the comment period for their consideration.


A Meeting Summary Report is now available.  Meeting attendees were asked to:

  • Review the possible impacts to their properties (Click for presentation slides regarding alignment map)
  • Hear the key milestones and estimated project schedule (Click for presentation slide)
  • Share what concerns them most  (Click for survey form)
  • Consider parking concepts and other tools available that might help their properties function better post-construction
    Parking Concepts   
    Development Diagrams - how properties can be reconfigured under existing Code to provide additional parking, access for garbage trucks and emergency service, ingress/egress, and more
  • Understand what steps can be taken now to better prepare for the acquisition process and construction.
    Be Part of the Solution checklist (March 2015)

Resources Available/Provided


July 2014 Business & Property Owner Meetings
During the summer of 2014, businesses and property owners on Broadway within the project area met with City staff and project team members.  Attendees learned about the project, alternatives being considered, and what possible "tools are in their toolbox" as they work to make plans for themselves, their businesses, and their tenants.

Video 1.  Welcome (1:45 min.)

Meeting Agenda / Presentation Outline


Video 2. Broadway Project Information (11:40 mins.)


Estimated Project Schedule

Real Estate brochure - "Your rights and benefits as a displaced person under the Federal Relocation Assistance Program" 


Video 3.
Property Regulations and Examples of Resulting Property Issues

Historic Preservation Incentive Programs

General Development Diagrams


Video 4.  Revitalization Options and Tools

Planning and Development Services - Property Research Online tool;  Unified Development Code


Video 5. 
Be Part of the Solution

Be Part of the Solution Checklist / Contact Sheet


Other Materials related to the July 2014 Business & Property Owners Meetings



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