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Community Key Services Dialogues - Services and Revenues Reference Sheet

City Services Funded by Discretionary Revenues

Police (34% or $145M) – Patrol and Field Services, Investigations, Tactical Support

Fire (18% or $76M) – Suppression, Prevention, Life Safety, Medical Services, Emergency Preparedness

Public Safety-Related (12% or $48 M) – Prosecutor, Public Defender, Court, 911 & Communications, Jail Costs, Independent Police Auditor, Facilities & Equipment

Support/General Services (11% or $44 M) – Budget, Audit, Finance, Procurement, IT, HR, Fleet, Facilities, Clerk, Attorney (Civil), City Manager

Parks Facilities, Classes & Programs (9% or $36M) –  Swimming Pools, Adaptive Recreation Center, Leisure Classes, KIDCO, Sports Leagues, Teen Rec Programs, Tennis, Therapeutic Rec Programs, Parks Improvements & Maintenance, Recreation Centers

Transit (8% or $31M) - Sun Tran, Sun Van

Neighborhood Investment & Support (2% or $8M) - Historic Preservation, Code Enforcement, Comprehensive Planning, Housing Repair & Rehab, Neighborhood Support, Mayor and Council Offices, Pro-Neighborhoods

Economic and Workforce Development (2% or $7M) – Downtown Business Improvement District, Critical Path Institute, JobPath, MTCVB, School Plus Jobs, Gem & Mineral Show,  TREO, Hi Corbett, Spring Training, Metropolitan Education Commission, Pima County Tucson Women's Commission

Civic, Arts & Culture (1% or $6M) - Convention Center, Channel 12, Special event support Access Tucson, El Centro Cultural, El Tour de Tucson, Science & Engineering Fair, Botanical Gardens, Children's Museum, Tucson Museum of Art, Sister Cities, Tucson Pima Arts Council, Tucson Pops, Parks civic event support, Parks performing arts, Zoo

Housing & Human Services (1% or $6M) – Affordable housing programs, contracted social and human services, low income assistance for utility bills, Community Mediation Program, Humane Society, Pima Animal Care

Planning and Development Services (1% or $3M) – Annexation, Downtown Planning, Zoning Examiner, Plan Review, Land Use Code, Zoning

Streets & Transportation (1% or $3M) -  Street maintenance, drainage, transportation improvements, traffic engineering

Environmental Programs (<1% or $1M) - Office of Conservation & Sustainable Development


Discretionary Revenues Used to Fund City Services

  • City Sales Tax (37%)

  • State-Shared Taxes (31%)

  • Miscellaneous (29%)
    • Public utility tax*
    • Transient occupancy tax
    • Room tax*
    • In-lieu property tax for municipal utilities*
    • Use tax
    • License & franchise fees
    • Health spa & tanning salon fee*

  • City Primary Property Tax (3%)

      *New or increased tax in current budget


Other Revenues, Resource & Efficiency Ideas

  • Increases in existing fees for services (parks classes, the zoo, development services, TCC, & transit are examples of services with user fees but do not provide full-cost recovery)

  • Increases in existing taxes (sales tax and property tax increases would require voter approval)

  • New revenues (advertising tax and residential rental tax are funding sources that have been considered in the past)

  • Consolidation

  • Collaboration

  • Privatization

  • Public/private partnerships

  • Regionalization

  • Other organizations or levels of government take on the service

  • Individual/neighborhood or volunteer efforts

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