Who We Are

The EMP team consists of representatives from eighteen (18) City departments and the City Manager’s Office.  Each department is represented by the Director, or a senior staff member.

The EMP Governing Board includes staff from Environmental Services, City Attorney’s Office, Tucson Fire Department, Central Safety Services, Emergency Management, Department of Transportation, and Tucson Water.

EMP Team Member List--- 2012
Managers Office
Albert Elias
Managers Office Nicole Gavin Michael Graham
Environmental Management
Nancy Petersen
Richard Byrd
City Attorney
Blake Ashley
IT Steve Davis John Burross
Cons. & Sust. Development
Leslie Ethen
Development Services
Jim Vogelsberg Jason Green
Environmental Services
Nancy Petersen
Jeff Langejans Mike Jones
General Services
Manual Carbajal
Joan Stauch
Community Services
Andrea Ibanez
Sally Stang
Parks and Recreation
Fred Gray
Peg Weber
Bill Richards
Bill Brantley
Marcheta Gillespie
Matt Hausman
Central Safety
Brandy Kadous
Ed Hansen
Anthony Pieretti
Gregg Mammana
Risk Management-- Finance
Joel Peterson
George Caria
Beverley Hester
Tucson Water
Alan Forrest
Chad Lapora
Shaded/Blue department identifies Governing Board Member. 
Green indicates Governing Board Chairperson.