General Services

MISSION:  Provide City departments and agencies the facilities, communications, energy, fuel, and vehicle assets they need to succeed.

The General Services Department (GSD) manages programs that directly support service delivery to the community by all other City departments: services in planning, design, construction, repair, and demolition of buildings; planning, scheduling, and executing building maintenance and repair; managing the City’s energy needs; installation, maintenance, and repair of critical public safety communications systems; new vehicle specification and acquisition; supply, storage, and dispensing of all City fuel; managing City motor pools; and planning, scheduling, and performance of vehicle preventive maintenance and repair.

GSD Safety Operating Procedures:
2.1     Safety Program
2.2     Accident Reporting
2.3     Safety Audits
2.4     Emergency Evacuation
2.5     Fall Protection
2.6     Hazard Communication Program
2.7     Safety Hazard Reporting
2.8     Job Safety Analysis
2.9     Respirator Program (PLACEHOLDER)
2.10   Safety Suggestions/Near Misses (PLACEHOLDER)

2.11   Safety Training
2.12   Eye Protection