Census 2000: The Basics

Basic Publications

"Within the documents in this series, we show trends and changes over time, and attempt to relate these changes to the everyday lives of Tucsonans. . .These data were compiled for the interest of Tucson's citizens and as a background material to inform decisions made by the City's elected leaders."

Census 2000: The Basics - Full Download


Highlights from the 1990 Census (originally published in December 1992) contains highlights about the City of Tucson from the 1990 Census of Population and Housing and related resources. It is provided on this website for comparison to the Census 2000 publication above.


Highlights from the 1990 Land Use Survey (originally published in July 1993) provides some history about Tucson along with land use information and changes in the City's land use from 1980 to 1990.

Tucson: The People and the Place - Highlights from the 1990 Census

Tucson: The People and the Place - Highlights from the 1990 Land Use Survey

1990 Land Use Map



Public Law 94-171: Apportionment and Redistricting

Initial results of Census 2000 have been released. These first counts are organized to facilitate the reapportionment of the representatives.

Guide to Redistricting Data

Public Law 94-171
Census 2000 Resident Population and Apportionment (Internet Link)



Racial & Ethnic

There are new racial and ethnic classifications used in Census 2000. For more information about these changes since 1990 and for guidance about their use in civil rights monitoring and enforcement, see below.

Record Layout of Pl94-171
Civil Rights uses (Internet Link)
Racial Classifications (Internet Link)
Understanding Census 2000: Race Category Changes and Comparisons (Internet Link)




The first national results are available.

The Hispanic Population: Census 2000 Brief

U.S. Demographic Profile: 1990 - 2000
Census 2000: Population Tables (Internet Link)
National Demographic Profiles (Internet Link)