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Reinspection Fees

Reinspection Fees

The process of code enforcement should be simple. Step one – receive a complaint or referral about a violation at a property. Step two – field-check the property to confirm a violation. Step three – if a violation exists, send the owner a Notice of Violation indicating the violation(s) and require them to comply within a reasonable timeframe. Step four – inspect for compliance after the Notice expires and verify that the owner has complied.

Unfortunately, not all owners comply which may cause the inspector to issue a civil citation and conduct many more inspections. Due to this, in June 2009, the City of Tucson adopted an ordinance that allows Code Enforcement to charge a reinspection fee. This fee is assessed when an owner fails to comply with the code violations listed on a Notice of Violation within the approved time frame. When this time frame expires, the property is re-inspected to verify if compliance has occurred. If compliance has not occurred, the owner will be charge a $75.00 re-inspection fee. If compliance has occurred, then there will be no charge for the re-inspection. This fee will be assessed each time an inspector conducts a reinspection and finds the violation(s) still exist.

We encourage property owners to use their resources to correct the violations. Our goal is to preserve neighborhoods and resolve property violations within a reasonable timeframe. For more information, please call the Code Enforcement Division Call Center at 791-5843.

Appeal of Reinspection Fees

As stated on each reinspection fee letter, which is attached to the invoice, an owner is allowed to appeal a reinspection fee. The cost to appeal is $50.00. To appeal, the owner must complete an appeal application and submit the fee plus the application to Housing and Community Development Department, Code Enforcement Division within 10 days from the date of the invoice. Download a copy of the application here: Administrative Conference Appeal of a Reinspection Fee pdf

Payment Information

If you have any questions regarding why you received a bill (reinspection fee, billing invoice, or lien) please contact the Code Enforcement Division at (520) 791-5843.

If you have specific questions regarding how to make a payment to the City of Tucson Finance Department, please call (520) 791-3288 or email them at

You may also visit their website at

If you wish to remit a payment, please send it to:
City of Tucson
Accounts Receivable
PO Box 27320
Tucson AZ 85726-7320

Make checks payable to: City of Tucson. Please write the Invoice Number on the front of check or Money Order.