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InfoGuide: City Services A to Z
This guide is a comprehensive "one-stop" alphabetical listing of both Tucson-area organizations and City services.
   Emergency Numbers (24 Hours)

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    (520) 791-4566

    The Finance Department requires all persons, partnerships, and corporations conducting activities within city limits to be licensed. Contact the Treasury Division, Business License Section. Sales Tax Revenue forms and City tax code information are available to download from the Finance Department's web page.

    BUSINESS OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE: required for professional and service businesses as well as those that solicit, canvass, deliver, etc., their products or services in Tucson.
    BUSINESS PRIVILEGE LICENSE: required for businesses such as transportation, mining, utilities, communications, railroads and aircraft, publishing, job printing, restaurants, amusements, rentals, advertising, contracting, and retail.
    REGULATORY LICENSE: required for auctioneers and auctions, peddlers, fortune tellers, pawnbrokers, escort services, massage therapists and establishments, swap meet enterprises, etc.
    TAX REPORTS (520) 791-5082 (fax)
    Tax reports for business licenses may be faxed to the Business License Office.