Long Term Disability

Coverage Information


Hartford Long Term Disability Coverage Booklet

Long Term Disability Buy-Up Rates

  • Disability insurance provides a portion of income replacement to you if you have a qualifying disability
  • Benefits are offset by disability retirement, Worker's Compensation, and Social Security benefit paid to you or your family as a result of your disability
  • To receive disability payment for a pre-existing condition, you must continually be insured by The Hartford for 12 months and actively work for at least one full day at the end of the 12-month period
  • Payment is limited to 24 months for disabilities due to mental illness and 12 months for disabilities due to substance abuse

For information about how pre-existing conditions and the active-at-work requirement affect your coverage, please contact The Hartford.

When and how do I file an LTD claim?

Because The Hartford is not the City's short term disability carrier, they will need to collect from you full information about your condition.  It is recommended that you begin the claim process half way through your waiting period (45 days if you have the 90-day Buy Up waiting period or 3 months if you have the 6-month Basic LTD waiting period.)  The claim form and instructions about completing the form are posted on the Forms page.

LTD Basic vs. Buy-Up Summary

COVERAGE 60% base salary 60% base salary
ELIMINATION PERIOD* 6 months 90 days
MAX COVERAGE PERIOD 5 years** Till age 65***


* You must exhaust all accrued time off before the policy will pay benefits

** Maximum Coverage Period varies if disability begins after you turn age 61

*** Maximum Coverage Period varies if disability begins after you turn age 62


NOTE: Short Term Disability (STD) As of July 1, 2009, the City no longer provides STD coverage. Employees have the option of purchasing it through Colonial. For information, call Colonial at 888-433-8144 (policy information) or 800-325-4368 (claims).