OIP Project Teams and Projects


CITY PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT TEAM - Focused on coordinating public and stakeholder involvement processes and developing successful disposition strategies for city-owned properties that benefit the City tax base, local economy, and improve quality of life. 

Team members:

     James MacAdam (Project Coordinator)             Jennifer Levstik (Asst. Project Coordinator)

        Becky Flores                                                            Jonathan Mabry

        Matthew Berube                                                    Yvonne Espino


Current Projects:

   Ronstadt Transit Center Joint Development Opportunity

   West Side Lands South of Cushing Street


DATA PORTAL TEAM - Focused on overseeing the development and coordination of the City's open data portal, designed to provide open access to historic and real-time data about City services and operations, while also providing increased transparency, accountability, collaboration, and improved efficiency and service delivery.           

Team members:

     Leslie Ethen (Project Coordinator)                   Joanne Hershenhorn (Asst. Project Coordinator)

        Becky Flores                                                         Matthew Berube

        Yvonne Espino


HISTORIC PRESERVATION STRATEGIC PLAN TEAM - Focused on developing public policies, criteria, and processes related to the City’s responsibility towards the protection of historic resources and the promotion of community welfare (i.e., community value, sense of place, economic stability).

Team members:

     Irene Ogata (Project Coordinator)                    Jonathan Mabry - (Asst. Project Coordinator)

        James MacAdam                                                  Jennifer Levstik

        Joanne Hershenhorn                                           Maria Gayosso


INFRASTRUCTURE FUNDING TEAM - Focused on identifying, developing, and pursuing funding mechanisms and public-private partnership to increase investment in City infrastructure and facilities and optimize the City's management of its physical assets.


Team members:

   James MacAdam (Project Coordinator)            Yvonne Espino (Asst. Project Coordinator)

      Joanne Hershenhorn                                             Jonathan Mabry

      Juan Garcia


Current Projects:

   City Bond Committee


PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT & COMMUNICATION IMPROVEMENT TEAM - Focused on providing improved communication and collaboration between City staff and the public, as well as provide for increased transparency, accountability, and service delivery


Team members:

     Rebecca Ruopp (Project Coordinator)              Irene Ogata (Asst. Project Coordinator)

        Becky Flores                                                           Leslie Ethen

        Juan Garcia


TRANSPORTATION & LAND USE PLANNING TEAM - Focused on the successful execution of projects and planning efforts that require integration of transportation, land use, urban design, and economic development. 


Team members:

     Rebecca Ruopp (Project Coordinator)                Maria Gayosso (Asst. Project Coordinator)

        Irene Ogata                                                              Jennifer Levstik

        Juan Garcia                                                              Matthew Berube


   Current Projects:

         Grant Road Land Use Planning

         Major Streets and Routes Plan Review and Update




Development Impact Fee Program Update

Tucson Streetcar Corridor Development and Investment Guidance

Voter Ratification of Plan Tucson