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Mayor's Prepared Remarks at 8/28/12 Press Conference Re Streets Investigation

Mayor Rothschild’s Prepared Remarks at 8/28/12 Press Conference

As you know, today the Director of our Transportation Department issued Notices of Intent to Discharge several employees in his Department.

I will not be commenting on the Notices, or the intended discipline, because I need to honor the City’s Civil Service Rules as well as federal law, which provide that the employees in question have rights to a pre-discharge meeting before any discipline is final.

I fully support the City Manager in enforcing the City’s Administrative Directives and Rules of Conduct. The process he has initiated today is a product of his commitment to protect public funds and ensure the responsible management of the City.

I also want to express my confidence that our new Director of Transportation, Daryl Cole, can handle all of the issues he faces in his new assignment, including these pending personnel matters. With the assistance of the City Manager, Mr. Cole will lead a Department that the Mayor and Council, as well as all Tucsonans, will be proud of.

Although in our form of government the Mayor does not manage the day-to-day operation of the City, I speak daily with Mr. Miranda and very frequently with Department Heads, as well as with members of the City Council. This is the message Tucson should take away from today: Wrongful conduct will not be tolerated by any City employee in any department. We have a new Mayor and a new City Manager. Mr. Miranda and I agree that the hallmark of our administration will be accountability and responsiveness. It’s a new day.

The vast majority of City employees work hard and do a good job. We need to remember that, and appreciate their service, as I do.

I am going to ask the City Manager to come up now and introduce our new Transportation Director.