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$500 Rebates for Rainwater Harvesting


Great news!

The City has implemented changes to the Rainwater Harvesting Incentive Program to streamline application processing and simplify the program.  The following changes are effective June 1, 2013:

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Level 1 - Simple/Passive (Rain Garden)
• Rebate 50% of expenses up to $500
• No 1” requirement
• Require project plan
• Includes system costs of passive earthworks, gutter installation, design, etc.
• Does not include rain tanks

Level 2 - Complex/Active System (Rain Tank)
• Rebate up to $2,000
• No 1” requirement
• Project plan required
• Rebate based on:
o $0.25 per gallon capacity of 50-799 gallon rain tank
o $1 per gallon capacity of 800 and larger gallon rain tank
• Includes system costs of tank, misc. materials, labor, conveyance, overflow, etc.


Understanding which level to apply for will now be easier.  Level one will focus on passive systems and level two will take care of active systems.  The maximum rebate increases from $300 to $500 for level one to promote passive systems, which typically are less expensive to install.  Applicants will still be able to apply for both levels, but may not exceed $2,000 for the combined rebates.

The proposed changes to level two will address equity issues by basing rebate on gallons saved instead of cost of system.  A system installed by the home owner will receive the same rebate for a specific size of tank as a system installed by a contractor.  Additionally, replacing the 1” rainfall requirement with system capacity addresses the apparent design criteria utilizing 1” instead of landscape need and creates an incentive to design and install larger tanks.  A new application will be available for systems purchased and installed after June 1.