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NewsNet 03-21-14

PROCESSION SCHEDULED FOR FALLEN TUCSON FIRE INVESTIGATOR - Services are planned for next week for Tucson Fire Investigator Tom Quesnel, who died this week from leukemia. Doctors determined the cancer to be work-related. Quesnel began his career with Tucson Fire in 1989 and became a Fire Cause Investigator in 1994. He was scheduled to retire at the end of next year. Services will be held next Thursday, staring at 10 a.m. A walking procession will start at Tucson Police Department Headquarters (270 S. Stone), ending at Fire Central downtown (300 S. Fire Central Pl.), where the memorial service will take place. The attire for the ceremony will be Dress Uniform with hat. Parking is available in the southwest portion of the TCC parking lot. Read more at the
Tucson Fire Department Facebook page.

TUCSON POLICE OFFICER SAVES MAN'S LIFE - The Tucson Police Department (TPD) is recognizing Officer Noe Mendoza for his lifesaving act last Friday when he applied a tourniquet to a victim who suffered critical stab wounds. The victim sustained a wound that severed one of his arteries. Before Emergency Medical Services (EMS) could arrive to render aid, Officer Mendoza was forced to make a critical decision. Based on his training and experience, he used the tourniquet contained in the Department's newly-issued Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK). Officer Mendoza's quick thinking afforded him the ability to minimize most of the bleeding, which if not applied could have been fatal for the victim. EMS arrived shortly afterward and was able to transport the victim to a local hospital where he received further treatment. Read more from TPD's Facebook page.

DEADLINE APPROACHING TO SIGN UP FOR HEALTHCARE UNDER AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (ACA) - March 31 is the deadline for people to buy health insurance under the ACA. Anyone who misses that deadline will not be able to enroll until Nov. 15 for a policy starting in January 2015. The Pima County Health Department will have a booth at the 4th Avenue Street Fair this weekend with information on how to sign up for health insurance through the exchange. With few exceptions, there are financial penalties, based on household income, for those who fail to obtain health insurance for themselves or their children. Learn more at

LA FERIA DE LA 4TA. AVENIDA DE LA PRIMAVERA - Hoy y hasta el domingo, 23 de marzo se llevara a cabo "La Feria de la 4ta. Avenida de la Primavera" en Tucson.  Dos veces al año se Tucson celebra la Ferias de la 4ta. Avenida, una en primavera y otra en el invierno. La feria que se llevará a cabo del 21-23 de marzo del 2014, de 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Fourth Avenue Merchants Association

DOWNLOAD APP TO REPORT GRAFFITI IN TUCSON - Graffiti Protective Coatings and the City of Tucson have a smartphone application for reporting graffiti. MyTucson is a free download on the iPhone App Store and Google Play for Android.
City of Tucson apps
Watch a University of Arizona PSA about the app