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NewsNet 05-05-14

CITY OF TUCSON'S PROPOSED FY 2015 BUDGET DISCUSSION CONTINUES TOMORROW - The Mayor and Tucson City Council will continue discussion of the proposed Fiscal Year 2015 City budget at their Study Session tomorrow at noon. The Council made a small change to the original plan submitted by the City Manager, Richard Miranda, at their last Council meeting, moving additional proposed funding to the Parks and Recreation Department. During the 5:30 p.m. Regular Meeting, citizens can participate in the first of two scheduled public hearings on the City budget. Tentative adoption of the City budget is scheduled for May 20. Another public hearing is set for June 3, the same day scheduled for final budget adoption. Read the agenda materials.

MASS TRANSIT MAGAZINE FEATURES SUN LINK TUCSON STREETCAR - The latest edition of Mass Transit Magazine reflects on Tucson's experience building, testing and marketing the Sun Link Tucson Streetcar. It also explains how the Tucson experience can help other cities in the future. City Transportation Administrator Shellie Ginn says Tucson plans to put together a best practices study on the streetcar process to help other cities implement streetcars and mitigate issues. The project is considered to be Tucson’s largest and most complex transportation construction project in the City’s history. Tucson's streetcar is scheduled to launch passenger service in late July. 

PROTECTED BIKE LANE INSTALLATION COMPLETE ALONG NEW STRETCH OF ST. MARY'S ROAD - The new "protected" bike lane on West St. Mary's, between North Main Avenue and Interstate 10, is geared toward making bicyclists feel safer, by having a special lane with flexible post barriers to separate vehicles and bikes. The new traffic configuration is part of a pilot project to evaluate the effectiveness of the lanes, and the City could install similar alignments within the next year. The lanes on St. Mary's were part of the second phase of the Regional Transportation Authority’s Downtown Links project, which ultimately will connect Barraza-Aviation Parkway with I-10. Officials chose St. Mary's because the route connects westside neighborhoods with downtown and the University of Arizona. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.

FORBES TRAVEL GUIDE TOUTS TUCSON'S TASTES - In its latest blog, Forbes Travel Guide highlights some local businesses for the unique tastes and inspiration from Sonora, Mexico. The blog breaks down where to find the best carne seca, caramelos, tamales, raspados and empanadas.

SCORE A DEAL ON CITY SURPLUS - Need some dumpsters? Perhaps a pickup fits your transportation needs? How about laminate and bamboo flooring, or security cameras for your house? You can find these items and more on the City of Tucson's surplus auction website.