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NewsNet 3-4-13

CITY STAFF PRAISED BY MTCVB PRESIDENT FOR GEM SHOW SUCCESS - Brent DeRaad of the Tucson Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau says this year's gem show "may have been the best yet... City of Tucson staff, led by City Manager Richard Miranda, planned for months to ensure the Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase would set a new standard." In today's Star.

AGENDA SPOTLIGHT: CITY BUDGET SEASON GETTING UNDERWAY- Tomorrow's Mayor & Council Study Session will include an update on expenditure estimates and revenue projections for the upcoming fiscal year. Staff will give a presentation on major cost drivers, potential budget-balancing approaches, and long-term budget strategy. Read the Mayor & Council memo here. See the Fiscal 2014 budget calendar here.

2013 WOMEN IN GOVERNMENT AWARDS THIS FRIDAY - Women employed by the City of Tucson and Pima County were nominated last month.  Award categories include: Leadership Award, Unsung Heroine, Tapestry Award, Evolving Young Woman, and Sisterhood in Government (a team award).  Winners will be announced and awards presented on Friday, March 8, 2013 at 12:00 noon at the Tucson Museum of Art. More info here.

MAYOR ROTHSCHILD ADDRESSES LOCAL IMPACTS OF SEQUESTER - "Tucson city government receives federal assistance for housing, police and transportation," Mayor Jonathan Rothschild told reporters at a press conference today at City Hall. "One of the effects of governing by crisis is that people can't plan for the future. When businesses can't plan, they don't invest. Here in Tucson, we are especially susceptible to the effects of the sequester. We have a major military base that will be affected. We have a major defense contractor that will be affected. We have a major research institution, the University of Arizona, that will be affected." Watch the video here.

BLOOMBERG CHALLENGE FEATURES "BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTIONS" IN CITY GOVERNANCE - New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg invited US cities to compete for $9 million prizes for projects that demonstrate "boldness, strength of planning, potential for impact and replicability in other cities."  Eight of the 20 finalists are featured.  They include: online portals for business licensing and building permits (St. Paul, MN); a website that would match job seekers with volunteer opportunities on city projects (San Francisco, CA); a single bin for both trash and recycling (Houston, TX); and more. From The Atlantic Cities.

NEWSNET IS BACK - At the request of Mayor & Council offices and other city employees, NewsNet is back, with some improvements. We will send out a plain-text digest email most days. But we will be publishing a web version too, and we have created a place on the City of Tucson website for our daily updates, archives and more.
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