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NewsNet is Back

At the request of Mayor & Council offices and other city employees, NewsNet is back.

NewsNet has been on hiatus since Jeri Ward moved to Council Member Shirley Scott’s office from the Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT).  Jeri did an incredible job assembling, publishing and distributing her daily email with links to news stories about the City of Tucson.  And it has taken a little time to figure out who would fill her big shoes and take over NewsNet.

In the meantime, Mayor and Council directed City staff to find more ways to improve internal communication so that more of the City of Tucson community can get news and information at the same time.  Here is the memorandum from the October 23, 2012 Mayor & Council Study Session discussion.

Mayor and Council Office staff asked when NewsNet would return.  They found the daily email with the quick rundown of links to news and information useful. 

Other city employees wondered if we could add some features, such as links to City of Tucson documents—memos, maps and other materials—so that more city employees can get credible and timely information, too. 

And some department directors asked if there were a way for departments to share more information with each other, such as best practices, examples of employee innovation and great customer service.

All great ideas.  All things we think NewsNet can do.

We will publish NewsNet in two formats.  You can subscribe to the daily email: And/or you can check our NewsNet website throughout the day for updates:  You can subscribe to the email at the website.  Or you can subscribe to the RSS feed so the updates appear in your reader.  Finally, you can set up notifications so that when the NewsNet website is updated you will receive an email.

We will send out a digest email each business day unless there is just not a lot going on, or if our other responsibilities get in the way.   And we will focus on providing information that is most relevant to City of Tucson employees and the community we love and serve.

Special thanks to those who are making NewsNet happen again: Mayor and Council, City Manager Richard Miranda, IT Director David Scheuch, Jeri Ward for all her help and advice, and our Communications & Web professionals: Gene Einfrank, Michael Graham, Luke Knipe, Lane Mandle, Charles Patterson, Katherine Roberts, Kim Beth Roebuck and Mark Taylor.