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Support locally-owned businesses, farmers, and food producers

Shopping at locally-owned businesses supports the local economy because a greater percentage of the money you spend stays in our community versus money spent at national chain stores. A study by Civic Economics in 2004 showed that the locally-owned firms in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago generate 70% greater local economic impact than national chains per square foot. The study also found that for every $100 in consumer spending at chain firms, $43 remains in the local economy; but for every $100 spent at a locally-owned firm, that value jumps by 58%, to $68 remaining in the local economy. (Read the Andersonville study

Shop Locally. Use the resources below to shop locally and support Tucson’s economy.

Local First Arizona

Local First Arizona (LFA) is a non-profit organization working to strengthen communities and local economies through supporting, maintaining, and celebrating locally owned businesses throughout the state of Arizona. Search their database of locally-owned businesses by typing “Tucson” into the search box.

4th Avenue Merchants Association

Formed in 1974 the Fourth Avenue Merchants Association (FAMA) is comprised of member merchants from the Fourth Avenue Historic Shopping District (the area between 9th St.; University Blvd.; 5th Ave.; and 3rd Ave). FAMA supports programs of a civic, social, cultural or artistic nature that are designed to increase the function and aesthetic values of the community, and also economic programs designed to strengthen and expand the economic potential of North Fourth Avenue.

Campbell Avenue Business Partnership

The Campbell Avenue Business Partnership is an advocacy group working in concert with neighborhood groups and local government to provide for economic growth and to preserve the local character of our community.

Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

THCC’s mission is to drive economic development while advancing Hispanic Businesses & providing access to the Hispanic market.

Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

The Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest autonomous chambers of commerce in Arizona and represents approximately 2,000 businesses with more than 110,000 employees in the greater Tucson area. Small businesses make up 90 percent of the Chamber’s membership.

Tucson Black Chamber of Commerce

We are a dynamic integrated organization purposed to promote business in the Tucson community. We have several major events annually, involving business and youth to the betterment of the entire community. Contact person: Carl Bedford, Marketing & Sales, (520) 623-0099

American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Arizona

The focus of our Chamber is to provide a format for American Indian entrepreneurs to promote their business, for corporations to connect with American Indian businesses, to act as a liaison on tribal economic development issues and to offer the best in resources, training and networking for the American Indian business.

Southern Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce

The SAZHCC exists at the confluence of traditional business principles, holistic practices, and green living. We are an organization that promotes and advances the idea that a truly sustainable business requires a holistic approach to decision making and business operations.

Eat Locally. Eating locally grown and/or produced foods reduces the transportation costs and greenhouse gas emissions of importing food from across the country or the world. Buying locally produced foods also supports local farms and the local economy.

Click here
 for a list of Farmers’ Markets in the Tucson area.

Tucson Community Supported Agriculture
One of the greatest pleasures of eating local organic produce comes from knowing that it is grown by farmers who have made conscious choices about cultivating their land in environmentally and socially responsible ways. Participating in such a mode of food production and consumption also fosters closer relationships among us, the foods we eat and those who grow it. Welcome to the Tucson CSA. The goal of Tucson CSA is to provide a direct connection between local producers and consumers.

Baja Arizona Sustainable Agriculture

Baja Arizona Sustainable Agriculture, (BASA), is a 501c3 non-profit organization working to increase local sustainable food production and marketing in southern Arizona. Search BASA’s Local Food Directory.

Tucson Originals

Formed in 1999, the Tucson Originals have been the driving force and model for similar groups all across America who are working to preserve the culinary spirit of their communities. With the rapid rise of chain eateries, this alliance has helped many of Tucson’s signature restaurants survive and thrive. Search their database to find locally-owned restaurants.