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Replace disposable items with items that can be reused

Use cloth bags instead of plastic bagsAccording to data released by theEnvironmental Protection Agency in 2001 on U.S. plastic bag, sack, and wrap consumption, somewhere between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year. Of those, millions end up in the litter stream outside of landfills. (

By replacing plastic shopping bags with reusable shopping bags, you can eliminate 208 bags from our waste stream each year!

Purchase a reusable water container instead of buying bottled water. According to the Container Recycling Institute, 9 out of 10 water bottles end up as litter or garbage—30 million each day. 1.5 million gallons of oil are used to produce water bottles each year. Purchase a reusable water bottle that you can refill and keep plastic water bottles out of the landfill!

Refill your ink cartridges. Millions of cartridges are thrown away each year even though most can be refilled. Refilling your ink cartridges keeps them out of the landfill and saves you money! Click here to find out where you can refill or recycle your ink cartridges.

Don’t use disposable dishes, utensils, or napkins. Why throw away plates, cups, and forks when you have a kitchen-full of reusable dishes? Using cloth napkins is an easy alternative to paper napkins—just throw them in with your laundry.

Use cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers. Each year, 5 million tons of untreated waste reaches landfills from disposable diapers, risking groundwater contamination. In addition, 200,000 trees are cut in their production process. Cloth diapers ensure the waste is properly treated by deferring it into the sewer system and they can be reused time after time.