Planning and Construction

At Tucson Parks and Recreation, we are always looking ahead to plan for a better community. Capital improvement projects are always under way to offer expanded or new facilities to meet future needs.

Tucson Parks and Recreation 10-year Strategic Plan (pdf)

Tucson Parks and Recreation
Capital Planning and Development
900 S Randolph Way
Tucson, AZ 85716


Future Bond Election Proposed Projects

Proposed Construction Documents for Future Bond Election Projects

Clements Senior Center Expansion (pdf)
El Pueblo Center Improvements (pdf)

Park Master Plans

Ft. Lowell Park Master Plan (pdf) Map (pdf)
Jesse Owens Park Development Concept Plan (pdf)
Joaquin Murrieta Park Master Plan (pdf) Map (pdf) Multi-Use Path Connection Concept Plan (pdf)
Lincoln Park Softball Complex Master Plan (pdf) Map (pdf)
Quincie Douglas and Silverlake Park Master Plan (pdf)
Sentinel Peak Park Master Plan (pdf)
Purple Heart Park Master Plan (pdf)
Udall Park Master Plan (pdf) Map (pdf)

Urban Greenway Planning Documents

PR 34 Urban Greenway Project Overview (pdf)
Urban Greenway Overall Concept Map (pdf)
Arcadia and Alamo Urban Greenway Concept Plans (pdf)
Arcadia Urban Greenway Presentation (pdf) Arcadia Urban Greenway Existing Conditions Analysis (pdf)
Arroyo Chico Urban Greenway Planning Documents: History and Overview (ppt) Alignment Analysis (pdf)  Connectivity Analysis (pdf)  Arroyo Chico Concept Plans - Treat to Tucson Blvd. Presentation (ppt)
Atturbury Wash Greenway Master Plan (pdf) Map (pdf)
El Paso And Southwestern Greenway Master Plan (pdf) TDOT Website (url)

Pima Regional Trail System

PRTS Plan Summary (pdf)
PRTS Master Plan (pdf)
PRTS Trails Map (pdf)


Completed Projects

Freedom Park

The project includes a 3,650 linear foot lighted walking path with five fitness stations, each equipped with two different components that together form a fitness routine. A small Ramada with seating area and a bench at each fitness station have also been built to provide a shaded place to catch your breath while walking or using the fitness equipment.

Other improvements include a new ADA accessible concrete walk that provides access to the existing playground which will be shaded by a new shade sail structure. An ADA drinking fountain has also been installed at the entry to this walkway. The path lighting system is capable of expansion for more complete light coverage with the installation of a new electrical cabinet that has room for growth. Landscaping is included mainly at the entrance to the Center and between the pool and parking lot. Irrigation has been provided to water new landscaping as well as improving the efficiency of the existing system. Electrical outlets have been installed at the main ball field to help energize community events.

Funding for this project has been provided by Pima County Neighborhood Reinvestment Funds


Harold Bell Wright Park

This project grant funded by the Tohono O’odham Nation.  Project includes a shade structure over the existing playground to provide sun protection for all users. The shade will also lower playground temperatures and extend the length of time the playground can be used in the summer. A new sidewalk will provide ADA access across the site as well as connections to the playground, basketball court and an accessible picnic table. A new accessible drinking fountain will be installed and the parking area will be re-striped with new ADA parking spaces and access isle.

Ironhorse Park

This project will include the design and installation of a new Basketball Half-court & Fencing with ADA access.  This new amenity will enhance the recreation for the neighborhood park users.  Project is currently under construction and is scheduled to be completed in August 2014.

Purple Heart Park

The project includes a 1 acre Off Leash Dog Area for small & large dogs. The site is fenced with a concrete paved ADA path, drinking fountains, benches, trees & shrubs, landscape irrigation, granite (DG), boulders, solar lights & 2 new shade structures.

Pima Regional Trail System

Reid Park Zoo – Elephant Barn Expansion

This project provided a 2,000 SF expansion to the existing elephant barn to provide much-needed space for a new addition to the herd. A baby girl was born August 20th to proud mom and dad, Semba and Mabu. Brothers Punga & Sundzu and Aunt Lungile welcomed the new arrival and all are doing great! Visit for more information, pictures and videos.


Projects Underway

Arroyo Chico Greenway

This project will include the design and construction of greenway improvements along the Arroyo Chico Greenway including a pedestrian/bicyclist activated street crossing. This project is in conjunction with a Transportation project in the amount of $600,000 funded by the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA).  Development of these improvements will address the community's need for connectivity and a more complete urban pathway system.

Esquer Park Improvements

This project will provide a new shade structure over the existing playground at Franciso Elias Esquer Park, 1331 N. 14th Ave., and other site improvements to enhance the existing play structures and picnic areas. Improvements will also focus on accessibility for the disabled.

Fort Lowell Adkins

This joint City/County project includes the rehabilitation and preservation of important historic properties on the former Adkins Steel parcel (Ft. Lowell Park).  This includes rehabilitation of the Commissary Building and construction of new protective structures that replicate the form of the fort and fort buildings placed over existing ruins and the locations where historic fort buildings once stood, this also includes the reestablishment of the historic parade ground and Cottonwood Lane.  Project is under construction.

Mission Manor

This project will provide a construction of new Baseball sports lighting, new playground, shade structure/ramada, amenities and ADA access for park users.

Pueblo Gardens Park Improvements

This project will provide a new playground and shade structure at Pueblo Gardens Park, 2585 E. 36th St.  Improvements will also focus on accessibility for the disabled, including parking improvements, new walks and accessible picnic tables.

Purple Heart Park

This project will include a new playground, additional walking path and new parking lot.

Reid Park Zoo – Camel Ride

Improvements are underway to modify the old elephant exhibit to accommodate dromedary camels. The new work will include a loading platform for rides! The improvements are scheduled to be complete fall of 2014.

Silverlake Park

This project will include reserveable picnic ramada for family and sports organization events