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Parks and Recreation - Donations and Memorials


Donations Memorial Trees

Tucson Parks and Recreation offers a way for you to commemorate deceased loved ones through donations.  You may also make a donation to agencies that support the mission of the Parks and Recreation Department.



The Tucson Parks Foundation is a non-profit organization working with public and private partners to supplement and support the City of Tucson’s parks, trails and recreation opportunities; particularly those that help children, at-risk youth, seniors and the disabled.

Your tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated to improve the quality of life of Tucson residents.

Donate online through the Tucson Parks Foundation.


Memorial Trees

Planting memorial trees and/or installing benches with a plaque in a City park.

If you would like to make a donation to the Parks and Recreation Department for the purpose of planting a tree or installing a bench with a plaque in memory of a deceased individual, the following information is offered:

  • A written request must be made to the Parks and Recreation Department from the bereaved indicating desirable location and preference of memorial (tree or bench)
  • The Administrator/Superintendent of the designated district reviews the request and acknowledges that the requested location will not be impacted by future development and is suitable for a tree or bench
  • The District/unit purchases the tree, plants the tree and provides a water source
  • The variety of the tree and location of planting will be at the discretion of the District/Unit


The District/Unit is responsible for responding to the request in writing acknowledging receipt of payment and completion of work with a copy to the Director's Office.

Please call the District Office of your choice for additional information.

East District: 520-791-5930
West District: 520-791-5909