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Planning and Construction

At Tucson Parks and Recreation we are always looking ahead to plan for a better community.  Capital improvement projects are always under way to offer expanded or new facilities to meet future needs. 

Tucson Parks and Recreation 10-year Strategic Plan

Tucson Parks and Recreation
Capital Planning and Development
900 S Randolph Way
Tucson, AZ 85716

Park Master Plans

Atturbury Wash Greenway Master Plan

Joaquin Murrieta Park Master Plan

Pima Regional Trail System

Plan Summary

Master Plan

Trails Map

Sentinel Peak Park Master Plan



Completed Projects

Catalina Park Splash Pad
A new splash pad is the highlight of this project. Other amenities constructed at the site include a new covered play structure, utility room to house the new pool equipment, steel and masonry fencing with imbedded lights, accessible walkways and landscape and irrigation. Additionally there is a new playground, shade structure, and sidewalk improvements that meet ADA standards. The park is located in the historic West University Neighborhood and the project reflects some of the elements of the original park design. 



Escalante Park
This project included the installation of a new shade structure over the existing playground. 



Estevan Park
Project amenities included the construction of a new playground and shade structure, accessible drinking fountains, walkway to the bleachers adjacent to the rugby field and a paved access to the new playground.



Marty Birdman Center (Balboa Park) Erosion Controls and Splash Pad
This project involved the installation of erosion control measures to better protect the existing basketball court and also included the construction of a small splash pad (water play area) for park users. 



Menlo Park Restroom
This project included the removal and replacement of an existing, obsolete restroom at Menlo Park.  



Menlo Park Soccer Field
Improvements included sports field lighting, new shade structures at the playground and pool and sidewalk improvements. 



Purple Heart Park Off Leash Facility
This one-acre facility features two separate areas for large and small dogs.  The site is fenced, with a concrete walking path, drinking fountains, benches, trees, shrubs, landscape irrigation, decomposed granite surface, boulders and solar lights. 



Cherry Avenue Recreation Center Expansion - Phase II
This project involves ADA upgrades to the existing center as well as security upgrades. The focus of the ADA work included restrooms and kitchen upgrades; the security measures included vandal-proof window screens and a closed circuit television system.


Atterbury Wash Linear Park
This project involves planning, design, and construction for the expansion of the existing trail system in Lincoln Park and passive recreation amenities along the wash.  


Murrieta Park
A playground shade structure will be installed over existing playground.
Joaquin Murrieta Park Master Plan


Pima Regional Trail System

Plan Summary

Master Plan

Trails Map




Projects Underway

A Mountain/Sentinel Peak – Phase 1 Construction
This project will construct safety improvements and ADA compliant access to public facilities at A Mountain Park.

Plans PDF



El Rio Center Playground
A new playground shade structure will be installed over the existing playground. 



Freedom Park
Improvements will include, a 3,600 foot lighted asphalt walkway, drinking fountains, irrigation, landscaping, fitness stations, playgrounds shade structure, covered bench and an educational node. 



Jacobs Park
Installation of a new playground covered by a shade structure with accessible walkways connecting to parking and restrooms. 



Jacobs Park at Milagro Playground
Replace Tot Turf playground surfacing and security lighting at the Milagro Playground.



Lighting Repairs/Replacements
Lighting repairs will occur at several facilities including; Golf Links Park, Lakeside Park, Julian Wash Linear Park, Pantano River Park, Silverlake Park, Gollob Park, Oury Park, James Thomas Park, and Juhan Park.



Mirasol Park Lighting and Landscape
Project improvements include ballfield lighting and associated landscaping. 



Sports Lighting
Improvements are underway at Mirasol, David G. Herrera and Ramon Quiroz (Oury), Jacobs, and Mission Manor park facilities to upgrade sports lighting systems.  



Toumey Park
This project includes an extended playground area, improved irrigation system modifications and the installation of public art.



Wakefield Neighborhood 
This project includes a plaza skate park, ramada, asphalt walking path, lighting, fencing, drinking fountain and picnic tables.