Land Use Code: Art. 1 Div. 1


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1.1.1 TITLE
1.1.3 SCOPE

1.1.1 TITLE. This ordinance is enacted as Chapter 23 of the Tucson Code and may be cited as the "Land Use Code" or "LUC" of the City of Tucson.

1.1.2 PURPOSE. The provisions of the LUC are established to protect and promote the general health, safety, and welfare of all present and future residents of Tucson and more specifically: To implement the General Plan. (Ord. No. 9517, §1, 2/12/01) To guide new growth and redevelopment of the community in accordance with the policies of the General Plan. (Ord. No. 9517, §1, 2/12/01) To encourage the most efficient use of land through site sensitive design. To reduce potential hazards to individuals and neighborhoods (public) that result from incompatible land uses or from the development of environmentally hazardous or sensitive lands. To protect and enhance the city's natural, cultural, historical, and scenic resources. To promote the economic stability of the community.

1.1.3 SCOPE. The provisions of the Land Use Code (LUC) apply to all uses of land within the city. No land will be divided into two (2) or more parcels or be used or occupied, no site modification or construction started, and no existing use or structure expanded, reconstructed, changed, or otherwise altered until compliance with the provisions of the LUC have been certified. No City agency shall issue approvals or permits for, nor shall any person commence, excavation, grubbing, grading, paving, demolition, or construction of any sort before compliance with LUC regulations has been certified. The LUC is applied in conjunction with the Development Compliance Code, Chapter 23A of the Tucson Code, which sets forth the administrative and appeal provisions for the approval of proposed land uses and development. (Ord. No. 9392, §1, 5/22/00; Ord. No. 9967, §1, 7/1/04)

1.1.4 VIOLATION. The violation of any provision of the LUC shall be considered a civil infraction subject to the enforcement proceedings provided in the Tucson Code. Each day that such violation continues constitutes a separate infraction.

1.1.5 CONSISTENCY. All provisions of the LUC shall be consistent with the General Plan, the Development Compliance Code, Chapter 23A of the Tucson Code, and other related plans and policies adopted by the Mayor and Council. (Ord. No. 9517, §1, 2/12/01, Ord. No. 9967, §1, 7/1/04).

1.1.6 ENUMERATION. The Tucson Code establishes an outline of organization in descending order of chapter, article, division, section, subsection, paragraph, sentence, clause, and words. The LUC is arranged in the same organizational format with minor modification. Chapter 23, the LUC's assigned chapter within the Tucson Code, is implied but not used when referencing within the LUC. Hierarchy. The hierarchy used in the LUC is a combination of numerical digits separated by a period to denote the descending order of article, division, section, and so on. For example, Sec. 6.0.0 references Article VI, and Sec. 6.3.0 references Article VI, Division 3. Sec. 6.3.5 references Article VI, Division 3, Section 5. Sec. references Article VI, Division 3, Section 5, subsection 5, paragraph A.