Land Use Code (LUC) Amendment - Airport Environs Zone (AEZ)

City of Tucson Adopted AEZ Ordinance >>more

City of Tucson Land Use Code, Article II. Zones, Division 8., Overlay Zones, Airport Environs Zone >>more

Airport Environs Zone (AEZ) Maps

Airport Environs Overlay Zone Maps
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State Department of Real Estate Map

Airport Environs Zone (AEZ) Amendment Process Archive

Airport Environs Zone (AEZ) Allowed Uses in I-1 Zone

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June 22, 2004 Airport Environs Zone Land Use Code Amendment PowerPoint Presentation

Click here for a copy of the final February 2004 Arizona Military Regional Compatibility Project Davis Monthan Air Force Base/Tucson/Pima County Joint Land Use Study
(3.2 Meg. PDF) (In September 2004, the Arizona Planning Association presented the Multi-Agency Plan Award to the Arizona Department of Commerce for the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base/City of Tucson/Pima County Joint Land Use Study.)


Glenn Moyer
is the City of Tucson contact for the project.