Rezoning, Special Exceptions & Original City Zoning

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Contact Rezoning Staff at 520-837-4968

A Citizen's Guide to the Rezoning Process (brochure)

Pre Submittal Application and Information Letter

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Mailing Label Request Form

Rezoning Application Form

Rezoning Flow Chart

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**NOTE: Effective immediately, the following items will be added on all plan sheets:

1. The Special Exception block shall to be added to each plan sheet submitted to the City of Tucson for review.The block is to be located above the "Sheet Title Block", on each page.
2.  All previously associated City of Tucson case and/or permit numbers shall be added to the "General Notes" block on the project cover sheet.

Pre Submittal Application and Information Letter

Change of Condition Application Form

Mailing Label Request Form

PDSD Director Approval Application

50' Notice Procedure Application

ZESE Procedure Application

Mayor and Council Special Exception (MCSE) Procedure Application

Wireless Communications (Applications for wireless communications facilities are being updated.  Please contact  Peter McLaughlin for more information.)

Application Instructions

WCF - Back-up Generator Application

WCF - PDSD Director Approval Application

WCF - 50' Notice Procedure Application

WCF - Zoning Examiner Special Exception Application

WCF - Mayor and Council Special Exception Application

Original City Zoning

Pre Submittal Application and Information Letter

Mailing Label Request Form

Original City Zoning Application Form

Public Hearing Agenda Materials

Agenda Materials and Supplementary Documents

Regulations for Rezoning, Special Exceptions & Original City Zoning

Unified Development Code

  • 3.5.1  Zoning Examiner Legislative Procedure

All non-Wireless Communications Facilities applications to the Zoning Examiner for Rezoning, Zoning Examiner Special Exception, and Mayor and Council Special Exception cases must comply with the following sections:

Administrative Manual

  • 2-03.1 Applicability
  • 2-03.2 Application Submittal Requirements
  • 2-03.3 Preliminary Development Package (PDP) Format Requirements
  • 2-03.4 Preliminary Development Package (PDP) Content Requirements
  • 2-03.5 Environmental Resource Report (as required)
  • 4-01   Estimating Application Fees