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City of Tucson General & Sustainability Plan 2013

Latest News [updated 2/6/2014]:

PLAN TUCSON, the new City of Tucson General & Sustainability Plan, was ratified by voters at the November 5, 2013 General Election. 

The City's Plan Tucson Team would like to THANK ALL MEMBERS OF OUR COMMUNITY THAT DEDICATED THEIR TIME AND EFFORTS in the preparation of the Plan through actively participating in policy working groups, workshops, and/or public hearings, and/or reviewing and commenting on multiple drafts of the Plan.  

For questions about Plan Tucson, please contact the Planning and Development Services Department, at 520-791-5550.


Plan Tucson, effective 11/13/2013  - ENTIRE DOCUMENT [PDF, 248 pages]

Cover, Formal Actions, Table of Contents, List of Exhibits, Photo Credits, Acknowledgments [PDF, 7 pages]

Chapter 1 - Introduction [PDF, 4 pages]

Chapter 2 - Planning Context and Plan Goals [PDF, 21 pages]

Chapter 3 - Focus Areas & Policies [PDF, 1 page]

                    The Social Environment [PDF, 46 pages]

                    The Economic Environment [PDF, 30 pages]

                                                     The Natural Environment [PDF, 26 pages]

                                                     The Built Environment [PDF, 58 pages]

                                                          Exhibit LT-7: Future Growth Scenario Map [PDF]

                                 Chapter 4 - Plan Implementation & Administration  [PDF, 19 pages]

                                 Glossary [PDF, 5 pages]

                                 Appendices [PDF, 28 pages]