Administrative Services Division

Records Section

The Records Section houses all paperwork created by officers as they respond to calls for service. Information on people and incidents is indexed into a number of national, state, and local databases. Access to the information and how it is processed are governed by state and national laws. The Records Section employs 60 people to process, index, distribute, and retrieve this paperwork. Requests for information are received around the clock from law enforcement and criminal justice personnel across the nation. The information is used ITto investigate crimes, and for administrative and analytical purposes. Persons who access the information must be nationally certified by the Department of Justice. Information and copies of reports are provided to citizens, attorneys, and insurance companies during regular business hours.

Information Deployment Unit

The Information Services Deployment Unit is headed by a non-sworn Administrator and is responsible for developing, testing, and deploying new information systems technology. This unit is staffed with non-sworn information technology experts and sworn police personnel. They work together to develop and deploy cutting-edge equipment and software that is designed to increase the Department’s efficiency and improve service to the public.