Chief of Police Office

Chief of Police Badge

Chief of Staff

A Captain is assigned as the Chief of Staff and serves as the principal staff officer to the Chief of Police. This position is responsible for oversight of the Executive Officer’s functions, and the Honor Guard. The Chief of Staff represents the Chief of Police, as needed, on various boards and commissions and provides liaison duties with other City departments including the City Manager’s Office and the Intergovernmental Relations Office.

Executive Officer

A Lieutenant is assigned as the Executive Officer and reports directly to the Chief of Staff. This position is responsible for responding to correspondence received by the Chief of Police, including letters from the public, Mayor and Council Comment Line submissions, and City Manager Referrals. Additionally, the Executive Officer coordinates Mayor and Council Agenda items related to the Police Department, provides staff assistance to the Chief of Police, and is assigned as the commander of the Research and Analysis Section Unit, Public Information Office, and the Targeted Operational Planning (TOP) Unit.

Research and Analysis Unit

The Research and Analysis Section is commanded by the Executive Officer. The section is responsible for maintaining, upgrading, and designing new forms, researching and organizing information about potential new policies, programs, and organizational/technological advances, furnishing statistical support to the department, and providing support to department entities for the smooth implementation of new initiatives.

Public Information Officer

Public Information Office

The Public Information Section is commanded by the Chief of Staff and consists of one lieutenant and two sergeants. The sergeants serve as the department’s primary public information officers. They are responsible for acting as the points of contact for local, state, and national media outlets regarding inquiries about department investigations, activities, and policies. The sergeants also respond to media request for public records, gathering department statistics for dissemination to the media, coordinating training of department personnel on media strategies and assisting the agency in crisis situations. The lieutenant, at times, may also assume the role as the department spokesperson.

The Public Information Section lieutenant also manages the department's volunteer program, the Police Assist Group (PAG).