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Operations Division South
Operations Division South

 Operations Division South

Santa Cruz Substation
4410 S. Park Avenue
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ODS Sector Map

The City of Tucson is divided into five patrol divisions. Each division is divided into sectors, which are designated by the numbers on the map. When contacting a patrol division about a concern in your neighborhood or place of business referring to the sector number may speed your inquiry.

Operations Division South (ODS), also known as the Santa Cruz Substation, is home to 167 highly dedicated men and women. This successful team consists of command staff, civilian staff, Neighborhood Crimes detectives, bicycle officers, the Community Response Team, community service officers, and the highly visible patrol officers. The sworn and non-sworn personnel all share the common desire to serve our community, thus enhancing the quality of life. Our officers go far beyond just handling calls for service.

Within the boundaries of ODS are 30 active Neighborhood Associations. The lead police officers and beat officers take a very active part in these associations. They attend their regular meetings, special events, and neighborhood cleanups, and are available to assist with solving problems facing a neighborhood.

Though it is common for people to see the uniform and not the person behind it, the citizens in our area often view the officers beyond the traditional law enforcement role. We have personnel who are active in mentoring programs, youth sports, music programs, volunteering with the elderly, and many church or social functions. We realize we are not just here to support the community, but are a part of this community.

Even though our officers are non-traditional in their outlook on their profession, they still perform the traditional tasks with expertise and professionalism. These traditional functions include protecting life and property, preserving the peace, enforcing laws, and arresting suspects.

  • Learn about the Bike Patrol.
  • Learn about forming a Neighborhood Association by visiting the Department of Neighborhood Services.
  • Learn how to create a Neighborhood Watchgroup in your neighborhood.
  • Report graffiti here.
  • Citizens requesting crime statistics are welcome to use our Web-based Crime Statistics search.
  • Citizens needing to be fingerprinted may do so only at the Hardesty Multi-Service center. Visit our Services page for complete details.
  • Copies of police reports and accident reports can only be obtained from TPD Headquarters. Call 520- 791-4461 for further information or visit the Services page
  • All property taken as evidence or safekeeping is stored at the Headquarters Building. Call 520-791-4458 for further information, or visit the Services page.
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