At TPD, we look out for our officers in a variety of different ways – including their pay.

We realize the importance of being able to take care of one’s self, as well as providing for the needs of a family. Based on an hourly rate, annual starting salary for a Tucson Police Officer is $45,968.00 and begins when a recruit is appointed to the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center. Payday is every two weeks. Depending on their career, a patrol officer with the TPD can earn a yearly salary of more than $62,732.80.  Detectives and those who reach a position higher than detective earn even more.

The 17-week academy at the beginning of an officer’s career is a full-time position for which they will be paid. Tucson Police Department will supply and replace uniforms, equipment, weapon and a digital pager. After training is completed, officers work four 10-hour shifts each week. Sworn personnel will be paid a $420 uniform allowance, or $620 for plainclothes and $640 as a safety equipment allowance annually.

After an officer has served three years on patrol with the TPD, they are eligible to process into a specialized assignment , many of which offer a pay increase of five percent.

The base salary does not include extra money that can be earned working overtime, holidays or other benefits paid by the city.