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Specialized Response Division

The Specialized Response Division of the Tucson Police Department is tasked with providing and coordinating the department’s response to critical incidents in terms of planning and tactical deployment of personnel and equipment. The division is the principal advisor to the Chief of Police regarding all critical incident response protocols. The Specialized Response Division may be considered in terms of the Special Operations Branch within the police department. The direct phone line for this police division is 520-791-4000.

The division is commanded by a captain selected by the Chief of Police. The captain has a management staff consisting of four commanders at the rank of lieutenant as assigned by the Chief of Police. The division consists of the following sections and/or units.

Emergency Management Section

This section is commanded by a lieutenant and staffed with the number of budgeted and authorized sergeants as assigned by the Chief of Police. This section is focused on Disaster and Emergency Planning and assists as required for Special Event Planning. The personnel of the Emergency Management Section are also part of the Tucson Office of Emergency Management and the Tucson Urban Area Security Initiative

Emergency Response Section

This section is commanded by a lieutenant with a number of sergeants as authorized by the annual budget and assigned by the Chief of Police. This Section is comprised of the Special Weapons And Tactics Team (SWAT) and the Explosive and Hazardous Devices Detail (EHDD)

Hostage/Crisis Team (HCT)

This Unit is commanded by a lieutenant that administratively reports to the commander of the Specialized Response Division. It is staffed as authorized by the annual budget and assigned by the Chief of Police.  All members that are assigned to this unit have primary duties elsewhere within the department.

Field Response Unit

Commonly referred to as the Power Squads, these two units are staffed with six officers and one sergeant. They are tasked with responding as a unit to assist the various geographical patrol divisions in resolving calls for service from the community. They can be moved tactically throughout the city to address the challenges associated with abnormal spikes in quantity of calls waiting for dispatch within specific areas. They are also utilized as a quick response team to critical emergency calls such as bank robberies, lost children, homicide, or other such incidents.