Silverbell Corridor Issues

[Note: Numbering is for ease of reference only and does not imply or confer any priority of importance]

December 3, 2004

  1. What are the short-term fixes for safety
  2. Speed enforcement needed
  3. Signal at Sweetwater is needed
  4. Need more tennis courts
  5. Silvercreek/Silver River at Silverbell - needs a signal
  6. Access to Interstate 10 / frontage roads needs improvement
  7. Get traffic off of Silverbell
  8. Will Silverbell be widened to the east, west or other
  9. Noise mitigation should be part of the Silverbell improvement
  10. Formation of a Citizens' Committee should occur
  11. Biological considerations / preservation needs to occur
  12. Additional bridge crossings over the Santa Cruz would help
  13. Cultural resources are important
  14. Environmental issues are important
  15. Comprehensive land use & transportation plan (including wildlife corridors and environmental issues) should be developed
  16. Floodplain, power lines, pipeline(s) are key issues
  17. Plans for other City-owned parcels along the Silverbell corridor need to be discussed
  18. Community Development's 120 lots - development should be placed on hold
  19. Expand notification limits beyond 300' to get further contact in the neighborhoods (This was a commitment made by Council Member Ibarra)
  20. What are the future plans for Silverbell Golf Course? Will it be changed from a golf course into some other use
  21. Expand committee membership to provide full representation of the community
  22. Opposed to any expansion of Silverbell Golf Course
  23. How to "sign-up" for citizens' committee (sheet placed in back 11/17/04). Please leave your e-mail and phone number, or call Pima County or City of Tucson
  24. Follow-up meeting of Citizens' Committee to be set and include Neighborhood Association and Home Owner Associations along Silverbell in City of Tucson, Pima County, Marana
  25. Clean bike lanes
  26. Add left turn lanes
  27. There are public health issues re: power lines. Setbacks are critical
  28. Bridge across river at Sweetwater is needed
  29. There needs to be short-, medium-, and long-term solutions, but these can be solved with stopping all development
  30. Roger Road treatment plant smells
  31. More bridges and roads to take load off Silverbell