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Salary Range: $45,968 - $61,588 Annually

There have been significant changes to our recruitment process so please read this bulletin in its entirety. You are highly encouraged to print this bulletin because it contains important testing dates and information that you will need to refer to later, and it will not be available after the closing date.


You must ensure that you complete the following by the application deadline in order to be given full consideration in this recruitment process:

Step 1 - Completed on-line application with Human Resources by the closing date February 2, 2014 which includes the following: your personal information in your profile, education and employment history, and completed supplemental questions.

Step 2 - Completed Pre-screen Questionnaire downloaded and sent to TPD Backgrounds by the closing date on February 2, 2014. Please refer to Pre-screen Questionnaire Instructions as noted below.

Failure to complete steps 1 and 2 as indicated above will result in an incomplete application and removal from this recruitment process.


 photo 2014vet_zps6118a53e.jpg

Military Times evaluated law enforcement agencies on factors including their efforts to recruit veterans, veteran preference points during hiring, total numbers of veterans on the department, the generosity of pay and benefits provided to deployed reservists, among other factors. The Tucson Police Department, along with only six other agencies, was recognized as a “Top Finisher” among the 19 departments profiled by Military Times. The Tucson Police Department is proud that nearly 31% of our members are veterans.
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Employees in these classifications earn 104 hours of sick leave and 104 hours of vacation leave annually. Vacation accrual rates increase with seniority. Sick Leave balances are unlimited and Vacation balances have a cap of 288 hours.

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The Tucson Police Department (TPD) is looking for motivated and dedicated individuals willing to join our team. Successful candidates from this testing period will be considered for any funded academy class(es) within the next six months. The earliest academy that will be filled from this list is July, 2014, and this date may be adjusted if necessary.

Being a police officer is a job that involves a tremendous amount of responsibility and requires uncompromising integrity. As a Tucson Police Officer you will be protecting life and property through the enforcement of laws and ordinances - and this involves an element of personal danger. An officer must be able to act without direct supervision, be able to exercise independent judgment in meeting emergencies, and accept work assignments of rotating shifts, weekends, and holidays.

Our most successful candidates are those who have prepared both physically and academically for this demanding type of duty.

It will take high ethical standards, integrity, leadership, courage, and a team effort to become a City of Tucson Police Officer. This career demands individuals to be mature and have personal responsibility that is in line with TPD’s values and code of ethics. The following minimum requirements are required:

  • High School Diploma or GED

  • Valid driver's license with good driving record

  • U.S. citizen

  • At least 21 years of age by academy graduation date (November 13, 2014)

  • No felony convictions or drug abuse

    JANUARY 6 - FEBRUARY 2, 2014


    In order to apply, you must register to apply online if you have not already done so. If you are new to the City of Tucson job site, an online guide is available by clicking on "Employment Application Frequently Asked Questions" on the main employment page.
    After you have registered, log-in and click View Job Openings and apply for this position. The bottom left hand portion of each step will contain a link to Proceed to next step.

    Step 1 - Add or Update your Personal information
    Step 2 - Add or Update your Education Information
    Step 3 - Add or Update your Employment Information
    Step 4 - Complete the Supplemental Questions

    Click on "Submit Application" when you are finished and ready to submit your application.

    Applications that do not contain complete education, work experience, complete responses to all supplemental questions, and a properly submitted pre-screen questionnaire will not receive further consideration and will be deemed as an incomplete application.

    Examination results and current status will be communicated by email so please ensure your browser accepts emails from and check your email account regularly.


    1. Once you have applied using the City's online application process, you must then complete AND return a Preliminary Applicant Questionnaire (click here). Please be forthright and fully disclose all relevant information on your Preliminary Questionnaire. Any discrepancies and omissions will be uncovered during an exhaustive background investigation and polygraph examination, so it is not in your best interest to be less than truthful on your Preliminary Questionnaire.

    2. This questionnaire is a fillable MS Word Document and may be accessed by clicking the above link or by copying the following address into your browser. Please allow a few seconds for the file to download:

    3. THE ONLY METHOD which you may return your completed questionnaire IS BY EMAIL as a MS Word attachment to:

    It is highly recommended that you utilize the "Save As" function and save a copy to your local disk prior to emailing. Your questionnaire must be saved as a MS Word Doc (.doc) in version XP or earlier (do not use Vista). Please use "POR 0214" as your email subject line.

    4. Questionnaires from all applicants who have successfully applied must be received by the Tucson Police Department by midnight (Tucson time) on February 2, 2014. Failure to properly complete an application or submit the questionnaire by the established deadline will result in your removal from this recruitment process. Questionnaires received from applicants who did not properly apply online or who do not meet the minimum qualifications will not be considered.

    5. You will need to type your responses onto this document and email it to TPD as an attachment. Please ensure you complete all the questions. For responses involving a yes/no box, simply place a capital X in front of the applicable response. Do not worry about signing the form prior to submitting.

    6. One of the fundamental requirements of working in law enforcement is the ability of an individual to adhere to and demonstrate the highest legal and ethical standards. Unfortunately, it is our experience that a number of applicants in each hiring process will fail due to material omissions or untruthfulness when completing their prescreen questionnaire and subsequent background information. If you are untruthful, dishonest, knowingly omit, falsify, conceal or obscure required information during any part of the application and hiring process, you will be PERMANENTLY DISQUALIFIED from ever being employed by the Tucson Police Department in ANY capacity.

    Applicants who successfully complete the questionnaire will receive an email invitation no later than February 21, 2014 by the close of business with the results.

    1. Written Examination. The written examination will be conducted on Friday, February 28, 2014 at the Westside Service Center - Pearson Building located at 1310 W. Miracle Mile.

    2. Physical Fitness Assessment. Applicants who pass the written examination will be invited to attend the Physical Fitness Assessment on Saturday,March 1, 2014. This is a pass/fail portion of the process and is based upon Cooper's Institute Standards. You must obtain an overall average of 40% in order to pass and proceed to the oral board interview. It is your responsibility to know your own physical condition. Individuals who are in a poor state of physical conditioning will have difficulty passing this examination. Your participation is at your own risk and the City of Tucson assumes no liability or responsibility for any injuries you may incur during this process.

    Cooper's Standards are age and gender specific and your overall percentage is determined by averaging your obtained percentile scores for the:

    1.5 mile run - This fitness area measures cardiovascular endurance and is related to performing tasks that may involve sustained activity such as a long foot pursuit followed by a physical confrontation and taking someone into custody. There is no walking allowed during this evolution.

    300 meter run - This fitness area measures anaerobic capacity and is related to performing short intense bursts of effort such as foot pursuits. There is no walking allowed during this evolution.

    Sit-ups - This fitness area measures muscular endurance of the abdominal muscles and is related to performing tasks that may involve the use of force.

    Push ups - This fitness area measures muscular endurance of the upper body muscles to include shoulders, chest, and back of the upper arms, and is related to the use of force involving pushing motion.
    Vertical jump - This fitness area measures explosive power and is related to operational or pursuit tasks that require jumping and vaulting.

    3. Stress Assessment. Candidates who pass the Physical Fitness Assessment may undergo stress component exercises.

    4. Oral Board Interviews - Will be scheduled for Monday, March 3, and Tuesday, March 4, 2014 if necessary. Candidates will receive their time slot following the Stress Assessments.

    Applicants passing the Oral Board interview will be placed on a Civil Service Employment List for consideration by TPD.

    An applicant's ranking on the Employment List will be based on their final score which will be calculated as 5% of the rating for Training and Experience (Supplemental Questionnaire responses), 50% of the rating for the Written Examination, and 45% of the rating for the Oral Board.

    Candidates placed on the Employment List will be subject to the following:
  • An extensive background investigation, including local, state and national criminal and fingerprint checks.

  • A polygraph examination to verify information you have supplied during the process.

  • Selected candidates will receive a conditional job offer and must successfully pass pre-employment medical and psychological evaluations.

  • Candidates must also continue to maintain all physical minimum standards through the duration of this recruitment process. Those candidates selected for an academy will be re-tested on Day 1 and will be required to obtain 40% on the Cooper's standard
  • .

    All probationary employees in this classification are subject to random drug screening during their EIGHTEEN MONTH PROBATIONARY PERIOD with the Tucson Police Department.

    Veterans, Native American, or Disability preference points will be added to the achieved score for those that are placed on the Civil Service Employment List. If you qualify for Veteran or Native American preference points as outlined in your Employment Profile, you must submit your documentation at the time of the Written Examination. Copies of DD 214s must reflect a characterization of HONORABLE.

    Communications throughout this process will be sent via email exclusively so please ensure your browser accepts emails from and check your email account regularly. Failure to respond or follow instructions will result in disqualification. Do not send reply emails to, as this is only for outbound notifications. All email inquiries should be directed to one of the below listed individuals.
    Ryan Scheuch, 520.837.4175 or email:
    Jocelyn D. Maez, 520.837.4176 or email:

    Job Code: 6307/0214

    Applicants requiring an accommodation in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act for any of the applicant evaluations must call (520) 791-4241 at least 48 hours prior to the particular evaluation.

    The City of Tucson is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Federal immigration laws require all employers to verify both the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work in the United States. The City of Tucson participates in the E-Verify Program established by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) to aid employers in verifying the employment eligibility of all newly hired employees. E-Verify, along with the Form I-9, protects jobs for authorized U.S. workers, improves the accuracy of wage and tax reporting, and helps U.S employers maintain a legal workforce.