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The following is a list of jobs for which we are currently accepting applications. The column below "Who May Apply?" includes categories of: All Applicants, Non-Permanent, and City Gov. Employees Only. The category All Applicants are for permanent/probationary jobs with benefits and open to everyone including City employees. Non-Permanent are for temporary on-call jobs with no benefits and open to everyone. City Gov. Employees Only, located at the bottom of the listings, are promotional/transfer opportunities for only current permanent/probationary City government employees.

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Who May Apply?Job Code #Job TitleOpen DateLast Day
To Apply
Annual Salary
Annual Salary
All Applicants3350/1214Parks & Recreation Administrator12/18/20141/11/201565041.60110385.60Apply Now!Job Details
All Applicants5787/1214HVAC-R Supervisor12/18/20141/4/201542723.2067579.20Apply Now!Job Details
All Applicants0963/1214Automotive Parts Specialist12/18/201412/28/201431865.6050731.20Apply Now!Job Details
All Applicants6308/1214TPDPublic Safety Dispatcher - TPD12/16/20141/4/201531865.6050731.20Apply Now!Job Details
All Applicants2568/1214Cross Connection Control Specialist - Tucson Water12/15/20141/5/201534923.2055411.20Apply Now!Job Details
All Applicants0640/OpenPublic Defender59404.8078249.60Apply Now!Job Details
All Applicants2742/1214Traffic Engineering Technician12/18/20141/1/201531865.6050731.20Apply Now!Job Details
All Applicants4053/1214Water System Operator12/1/201412/31/201434923.2055411.20Apply Now!Job Details
All Applicants0750 0748/1114IT Analyst/ Systems Analyst11/21/201412/28/201448297.6080808.00Apply Now!Job Details
All Applicants6307/OpenPolice Officer Recruit11/21/20147/19/201545968.0062732.80Apply Now!Job Details
All Applicants0430/1114City Manager11/17/20141/9/2015203153.600.00Apply Now!Job Details
All Applicants5322/OpenSenior Heavy Equipment Mechanic8/1/201438480.0060964.80Apply Now!Job Details
Non-PermanentNonPerm 3316/1214PotteryPottery Instructor (NonPermanent Intermittent)12/10/201412/24/201417867.2035713.60Apply Now!Job Details
Non-PermanentNonperm 3317/gym/1214Gymnastics Instructor (NonPermanent Intermittent)12/12/201412/24/201417867.2035713.60Apply Now!Job Details
Non-PermanentNonPerm 3316/1214Dance Instructor (NonPermanent Intermittent)12/10/201412/24/201417867.2035713.60Apply Now!Job Details
Non-PermanentNonPerm 3317/1214YSYouth Sports Instructor (NonPermanent Intermittent)12/12/201412/24/201417867.2035713.60Apply Now!Job Details
Non-PermanentNonPerm 3318/1214YogaHatha Yoga Instructor (NonPermanent Intermittent)12/12/201412/24/201417867.2035713.60Apply Now!Job Details
Non-PermanentNonPerm 3316/1214JewelryJewelry Instructor (NonPermanent Intermittent)12/12/201412/24/201417867.2035713.60Apply Now!Job Details
Non-PermanentNonPerm 3318/1214Tai ChiTai Chi (Non-Permanent)12/15/201412/24/201417867.2035713.60Apply Now!Job Details
Non-PermanentnonPerm 3303/1214Water Safety Instructor (WSI) (Nonpermanent Seasonal)12/9/20145/31/201520030.400.00Apply Now!Job Details
Non-PermanentNonPerm 3302/1214Lifeguard (NonPermanent Seasonal)12/9/20145/31/201518969.600.00Apply Now!Job Details