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The City of South Tucson

The City of South Tucson

South Tucson has had a colorful and at times hectic history. It was incorporated in 1936, disincorporated in 1938, and reincorporated in 1940.

Today, South Tucson is an independent, mile-square community just south of downtown Tucson and is completely surrounded by the City of Tucson. Of its population of about 5,500, 83% are Mexican-American and 10% are Native American. South Tucson's ethnic character is evident in its widely known Mexican restaurants and its architectural styles, including colorful outdoor murals celebrating its ethnic heritage.

Visitors from throughout the metropolitan area are attracted to South Tucson's annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade and to the Norteño Music Festival and Street Fair held in August.

The City of South Tucson is governed by a Mayor, Six Council Members, and a City Manager. The local police and fire departments have both full-time and volunteer personnel. More than 300 businesses call South Tucson home.

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Government Information

City Offices: 1601 South Sixth Avenue


Phone: 520-792-2424

South Tucson Police Department