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Tucson Convention Center - Parking

At the Tucson Convention Center we have plenty of parking. We provide parking for all events and we offer monthly parking passes for those of us that work downtown. For current rates, give us a call.

If you know your event needs additional assisted parking, let us know, we can accommodate your needs.


2013 Parking Map

Bus / Limousine Parking

Bus and limousine parking is easily accommodated for any event need. Contact the Parking Supervisor for arrangements.


Rules of the lots

No overnight parking is permitted unless related to an event and approved by Center management

No oversize trucks and trailers allowed in parking lots

The passing out of flyers or selling of merchandise is strictly prohibited by outside groups or individuals without the permission of Center management

No consumption of alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the parking lots

No tailgating or similar parties will be permitted in the parking lots

Valid parking passes must be clearly displayed

Tucson Convention Center is not responsible for any stolen property.


Parking Staff

William (Bill) Ricketts
Parking Manager
(520) 837-4777


Downtown Parking Map