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Karin's Note: Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dear Tucsonans,

I bet you love our City as much as I do. We have a lot to be proud of and each one of us can make Tucson even better, every day.

Speaking of civic pride in this beautiful place we call home, it’s great news that Tucson has been rated as a Top 20 “Creative Metro Area” in the book “The Rise of the Creative Class, Revisited.”

The book, by Richard Florida, stresses that cities must compete by making talent, technology and tolerance core priorities to foster a growing, higher wage, innovative economy. Tucson has the assets needed to stand out and thrive in the years to come: our outstanding University and workforce training network; our legacy of embracing diversity; our leadership in sustainable technologies like solar and rainwater harvesting; and so much more.

A key way we can all help build Tucson’s strength lies in how we spend our own dollars every day. Our City stands out in part because we have such an interesting array of local businesses, restaurants and artists. Our creative entrepreneurs generate a sense of character and place that draws tourism and investment to our community. Tucson’s uniqueness matters.

So please celebrate Tucson all week with me by joining the “Independents Week” campaign through July 7th.   Download your “Golden Coupon” and pay a visit to one of the dozens of locally-owned businesses offering 20% discounts this week!

Do as much of your shopping as you can with local businesses, restaurants, and artists.  As you “shop local,” you will be generating three times the local economic impact and helping create jobs right here in Tucson. It’s a simple way of supporting the work of your friends and neighbors, opening new opportunities for work in our City, and also finding the best deals in town!

Follow this link to the special Golden Coupon 20%-off promotions being offered by some 40 local businesses throughout the week. Or choose your own favorite independent local businesses and show them that you support the quality products and services they provide here in Tucson!

Thanks for contributing to the special mix that is Tucson. Have a great Independence Day and Independents Week!


PS: Our local press has been doing a great job covering “Independents Week.”  See some of the stories listed below.