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Record Number of New Jobs, Businesses in Downtown Tucson

*Media Release: Record Number of New Jobs, Businesses in Downtown Tucson*

Tucson, AZ – Downtown Tucson has seen record development over the past
sixty months, recently hitting the milestone of over 150 new businesses and
private projects in the heart of the city. Downtown is helping to lead
Southern Arizona economic recovery, with thousands of new jobs created and
increased sales tax revenue being reinvested in the community. Local small
business owners and high-tech industry projects comprise a majority of this

According to data recently compiled by the Downtown Tucson Partnership, the
city center has seen 34 new restaurants, 27 retail shops, 12 new art and
cultural projects, 14 offices, nine health and wellness centers, at least
nine high-tech businesses or business incubators, eight housing projects,
six bars or nightclubs, five bakeries, two coffee shops, two salons, two
schools, one craft brewery, one entertainment venue expansion and one
hospitality renovation since 2008.

“What is extraordinary about this unprecedented turnaround is how it has
completely transformed the urban environment downtown,“ said Michael Keith,
CEO of the Downtown Tucson Partnership. “There are families now, and
college students, and couples walking arm in arm, strolling up Congress and
Broadway, coming out of theatres and shops, or making their way to the
latest new restaurant to share dinner and cocktails with friends. “

An estimated 17 new projects and businesses, comprising an additional $100
million of private investment, are expected to be added to the downtown
inventory in 2014. This is in addition to the nearly $600 million of public
projects completed in the last five years in downtown and along the
streetcar corridor. Taken together, these public and private projects have
resulted in an estimated 10,000 project-related construction jobs and at
least 2,000 non-construction jobs, many in the high-paying tech and
innovation industry.

“The vision that so many of us have had for so long, of an authentic
downtown for everyone, with a wide variety of housing projects, markets,
and beautiful outdoor spaces suddenly seems attainable in a way that was
unimaginable even a few years ago,” said Keith. “This is the downtown we’ve
been waiting for, and it feels like the party’s just getting started.”