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After a fairly smooth launch of the new SunGO smart
card fare payment system on Sunday, June 30, Sun Tran has discovered
some issues with the regional system that have unfortunately impacted

“We understand that some SunGO products are not being recognized at
the farebox,” said Kate Riley, General Manager of Sun Tran.  “We
want to assure passengers that if this happens, the driver will let them
board until we fix the problems.”

Sun Tran has dedicated staff working directly with the smart card
system vendor to solve these issues as quickly as possible.  To better
understand all the issues, Sun Tran is asking passengers to call (520)
792-9222 or email with their SunGO Card number,
contact information and a brief description of the problem they are

“We want to thank our passengers for their patience,” said Riley.
“We recognize this system is new for everyone, and we ask passengers
to stick with us as we work through these issues.”

Once the problems are addressed and fixed, Sun Tran expects the SunGO
smart card fare payment system to be an improvement for the community.
Not only will passengers be able to travel throughout the region on Sun
Tran, Sun Express, Sun Shuttle and eventually the Sun Link modern
streetcar with just one card, but the number of purchasing options and
convenience will be a benefit to passengers.
To learn more about the SunGO system, visit or call Sun
Tran’s Customer Service Center at (520) 792-9222 (for individuals with
TDD equipment, call 520-628-1565).