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Summer 2004 Activity Book

Summer 2004 Activity Book

Super Water Saving with Aqua Duck and Water Lily

2004 Activity BookJoin us as super hero Aqua Duck (the 'secret' identity of Tucson Water’s long-time duck mascot Pete the Beak) and his super hero sidekick Water Lily take their younger friends on a coloring and activity adventure as they learn more about Tucson’s water resources. Each page of this book is available for immediate download as an Adobe® Reader® PDF file - simply click on an image below and print it on your own printer.


Back Cover

(btp04-11.pdf -- 273 Kb)
Back Cover

Front Cover

(bp04-00.pdf -- 423 Kb)
Front Cover


Page 1 - A call for help

(bp04-01.pdf -- 77 Kb)
Commissioner Modeer
Calls for Help!

a page to color

Page 2 - Look! Up in the sky...

(bp04-02.pdf -- 114 Kb)
Look! Up in the sky...
a page to color


Page 3 - Searching for the Dribbler

(bp04-03.pdf -- 111 Kb)
Searching for the Dribbler
a page to color

Page 4 - The Dribbler's Hangouts (Reading, Rhymes and Word Search)

(bp04-04.pdf -- 48 Kb)
The Dribbler's Hangouts
Reading, Rhymes and Word Search


Page 5 - Spot the Dribbler! (part 1)

(bp04-05.pdf -- 97 Kb)
Spot the Dribbler! (part 1)
Can you find the water wasters?
(along with Secret Code Key)

Page 6 - Spot the Dribbler! (part 2)

(bp04-06.pdf -- 53 Kb)
Spot the Dribbler! (part 2)
Clues to help you
find the water wasters


Page 7 - Dealing with the Dribbler

(bp04-07.pdf -- 124 Kb)
Dealing with the Dribbler...
connect the dots,
and fill in the blanks

Page 8 - Ways to deal with the Dribbler

(bp04-08.pdf -- 109 Kb)
Ways to deal with the Dribbler
clues to help you solve
the 'fill-in-the-blanks'


Page 9 - Answers

(bp04-09.pdf -- 269 Kb)
(solutions to the puzzles)

Page 10 - Water-Saving Super Hero Stickers

(bp04-10.pdf -- 78 Kb)
Water-Saving Super Hero Stickers
make your own stickers