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Summer 2006 Activity Book

Summer 2006 Activity Book

Water ... Treasure It!

2006 Activity Book: Water ... Treasure It!Join Captain Pete's pirate crew as Tucson Water’s long-time duck mascot Pete the Beak takes his younger friends on a coloring and activity adventure to learn more about Tucson’s water resources. Each page of this book is available for immediate download as an Adobe® Reader® PDF file - simply click on an image below and print it on your own printer. If you prefer, you may download the complete book as a single file (btp06.pdf -- 4.9 Mb).


Back Cover

(bp06-11.pdf -- 197 Kb)
Back Cover

Front Cover

(bp06-00.pdf -- 971 Kb)
Front Cover

Page 1 - Join Captain Pete's Crew!

(bp06-01.pdf -- 248 Kb)
Join Captain Pete's Crew!
introduction; a page to color

Page 2 - Captain Pete's Story

(bp06-02.pdf -- 327 Kb)
Captain Pete's Story
make up your own story
when you fill-in-the-blanks

Page 3 - Water - A Treasure in the Desert

(bp06-03.pdf -- 197 Kb)
Water - A Treasure in the Desert
word search puzzle

Page 4 - Captain Pete's Secret Message

(bp06-04.pdf -- 315 Kb)
Captain Pete's Secret Message
unscramble the letters to find
Captain Pete's secret message

Page 5 - X Marks The Spot (part 1)

(bp06-05.pdf -- 535 Kb)
X Marks The Spot (part 1)
a water-saving maze

Page 6 - X Marks The Spot (part 2)

(bp06-06.pdf -- 514 Kb)
X Marks The Spot (part 2)
a water-saving maze

Page 7 - Picture Puzzle clues

(bp06-07.pdf -- 196 Kb)
Picture Puzzle clues
clues for the Picture Puzzle
on the next page

Page 8 - Captain Pete's Picture Puzzle

(bp06-08.pdf -- 277 Kb)
Captain Pete's Picture Puzzle
a copy-the-grid puzzle
with instructions

Page 9 - Instructions and Answers

(bp06-09.pdf -- 420 Kb)
Instructions and Answers
(instructions for Captain Pete's
Pirate Party and puzzle solutions)

Page 10 - Captain Pete's Pirate Party Pieces

(bp06-10.pdf -- 243 Kb)
Captain Pete's Pirate Party Pieces
Pirate booty to color and cut out