National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation

The 2015 National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation is April 1-30, 2015. Pledge online at MyWaterPledge and help Tucson repeat its first-place showing.

The Challenge is a city-friendly competition sponsored by the Wyland Foundation. Residents who pledged in the winning cities are eligible for great prizes. Share the image at right to get pledges from your family and friends.

Tucson won first place in its city category and one of our residents won the grand prize: a new Toyota Prius (watch the video below).

"It was clear that Tucson was motivated to win. Even during our visits to the community with our clean water mobile learning center, we noticed the people in Tucson - right down to the kids – seemed generally well-informed about the importance of water to the future of the city,” said Wyland, environmental artist and founder of the Wyland Foundation. “The effort of Tucson to become sustainable is a powerful model for the rest of the country."

Click here to learn more about the Challenge and Tucson's #1 standing in 2013.