Groundwater Maps

This page features maps that are based on annual water level monitoring programs in the Tucson basin and the Avra Valley. Groundwater levels in all available City wells are periodically measured to maintain long-term records to assist in management of local groundwater resources.

Depth to Groundwater Map

Discrete depth-to-groundwater data points and locations as well as contours depicting depth to groundwater in the Tucson basin and in Avra Valley are shown in the Depth to Groundwater Map.

Depth to Groundwater Map from Tucson Water Nov. 2009-Feb. 2010

Groundwater Elevation Map

Discrete groundwater table elevation data points and contours depicting groundwater elevation above sea level in the Tucson basin and Avra Valley are shown in the Groundwater Elevation Map.

Groundwater Elevation Map from Tucson Water. Nov. 2009-Feb. 2010

These maps are updated every five years. Recent groundwater levels can be queried directly from the Arizona Department of Water Resources Groundwater Site Inventory.

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has published a Groundwater Open File Report and a Groundwater Basin Fact Sheet for the Avra Valley Sub-Basin.