High Efficiency Urinal Rebate Program

Tucson Water's business and commercial customers who replace older, inefficient urinals with EPA’s WaterSense-certified flushing model or a water-free urinal can receive a rebate of up to $500 through the Commercial High Efficiency Urinal Rebate Program.

Certain rebate conditions apply, including that urinals be installed in properties receiving water from Tucson Water.

How much is rebated?

  • $500 for each WaterSense certified high efficiency flushing urinal
  • $500 for each water-free urinal
  • $100 for each water-free retrofit

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For details about this program, call Tucson Water's Public Information / Conservation Office (PICO) at 520-791-4331 or e-mail PICO.


What to do with old urinals:
If you have City of Tucson commercial garbage collection, place the old urinal(s) in your dumpster. Urinals may also be taken to Los Reales Landfill as part of a commercial load. If you have commercial collection from another firm, check with them regarding disposal. For information on other landfills in the area, click here.