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Fire Hydrant Rings

Fire hydrant ringTucson Water has identified certain locations in the distribution system that are experiencing difficulties with water pressure and/or volume when construction water is drawn from local hydrants. These hydrants represent only a very small fraction of the total number of hydrants in the Tucson Water distribution system. Use of these identified hydrants for construction water may result in:

  • Insufficient water available for fire flow
  • Potential for backflow into the distribution system
  • Unacceptably low pressure to area customers

To address these issues, Tucson Water is instituting a new program to eliminate the use of construction water from certain fire hydrants in these areas.

Tucson Water will be placing green markers/rings on the front of each of the affected fire hydrants (see illustration above). Construction water will no longer be available from these designated hydrants.

For an enlarged, detailed view of the locations of these designated hydrants, please select the desired "Detail map" link located on the map below, or from the list below the map.

Fire hydrants unavailable for construction water: 2007


Detail Map A Detail Map B Detail Map C Detail Map D Detail Map E