Rates and Fees (continued)

Residential customers are charged for water usage via an inclining block rate structure. As the usage block increases, the unit price or rate for the block increases.

Other potable customers, with the exception of multi-family, mobile home parks whose individual units have been sub-metered by park owners, and construction water customers, pay a base rate for water usage year-round but are also subject to surcharges in the summer, should their monthly usage exceed their winter monthly usage. (Summer months are May through October, with the remaining months being defined as winter months.) There are two tiers of summer surcharges, and each has a different threshold. The first is applied to any monthly usage exceeding the average winter monthly usage and the second is applied to any monthly usage greater than 145% of average winter monthly usage. Any summer surcharges are added to the charge resulting from the base rate.

Multi-family, mobile home parks with submeters, and construction water customers are charged a year-round rate with no summer surcharges. For these customers, a higher year round rate replaces being subject to summer surcharges.

All potable customers are subject to the CAP charge, the revenues from which are used to pay charges assessed by the State agency (Central Arizona Water Conservation District) for the City's allocation of Central Arizona Project (CAP) water.

First effective with the July 7, 2008, rate schedule, all potable customers are subject to the Conservation charge, a dedicated funding source to recover the Utility's conservation efforts.

Fire Protection charges are related to unmetered fire sprinkler connections to the potable water system. The monthly rate is based upon the connection size and takes into account the amount of water system capacity required for fire suppression.

Reclaimed water charges have two basic components: a monthly service charge (based on meter size) which the customer pays regardless of the amount of water.

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