Incentive Levels

Applicants may apply for both levels (passive and active) not exceeding $2,000 for the combination.

Incentive Level 1 - Simple/Passive (Rain Garden)
50% of the cost of eligible materials and labor up to $500

Practices: Passive earthworks include directing and retaining water in landscape using site appropriate practices such as basins, berms, terraces, swales, and infiltration trenches:

  • surface, sub-surface, and conveyance features
  • mulch, rocks/boulders for reinforcement (rock work) and soil amendments
  • equipment rental such as tillers, jackhammers, and trenchers
  • rainwater harvesting design
  • labor from licensed contractors

Incentive Level 2 - Complex/Active (Rain Tank)
Rebate covers cost of system based on gallon per capacity up to $2,000.

  • $0.25 per gallon capacity of 50-799 gallon rain tank
  • $1.00 per gallon capacity of 800 gallon and larger rain tank

Note: Two linked tanks collecting water from a single catchment area may be combined for calculating volume to determine rebate amount when HOA restrictions or space limitations apply.

Practices: Rainwater storage tank with gravity-based supply use and overflow directed to landscape passive retention feature and/or passive rain garden.

  • below- or above-ground tanks and conveyance plumbing including foundations
  • filters and first flush systems

(Note: The installation of water tanks/cisterns may require a permit. Check the Permits Information page for details.

The rainwater harvesting incentive program will not cover costs for the following. Please note that gutter is inclusive in Level 2 and does not qualify for Level 1 unless combined with a complete project.

  • conveyance features which direct rainwater offsite without entering appropriately-sized landscape retention feature or storage tank, e.g., gutter and downspout directed onto driveway allowing rainwater flow into street
  • removing and replacing old gutter
  • imported soil to create passive rain garden practices (creation of passive features does not require additional soil; engineered permeable fill can be covered if site requires it to support subsurface storage)
  • purchase and delivery of gravel or decomposed granite (also known as DG or 1/4 minus) as a surface cover; decomposed granite includes finer particles which may result in sealing soil surfaces especially in desired infiltration areas
  • purchase or installation of pressurizing pumps or associated controls (the incentive program is promoting lower costs and simple rainwater harvesting practices). Pumps are not prohibited; however, their associated costs will not be covered.
  • purchase or installation of irrigation systems or backflow prevention devices
  • purchase or installation of landscaping materials such as plants, edging, decorative gravel, etc.
  • installing, raising, or improving a driveway and removing concrete, asphalt, etc.
  • curb cuts or improvements to right of way
  • labor completed by owner, neighbor, friend, or handyman