All purchases are made F.O.B. destination, unless otherwise specified.

The City’s title to goods occurs upon satisfactory delivery and acceptance at the delivery point shown on the purchase order. Shipping charges, if applicable, must be included in the unit price of the items bid.

Deliveries may be required to be made to different departments and divisions located in various parts of the City.

The purchase order number must appear on the shipping or delivery ticket. Failure to meet specified delivery schedules may result in cancellation of the order. At a minimum, such delinquency will be noted in the vendor’s business file.

Procurement will decide, after notification of late delivery, what action should be taken.


Delivery Dates

Vendors should always state, on the bid form, the number of calendar days required before delivery of a product can be made, or they should indicate the specific date upon which delivery will be made.

The time required for delivery may be one of the most important considerations in determining who shall be awarded the bid. Successful bidders will be expected to deliver the materials and/or services they are providing within the specified time.

If delivery dates cannot be met, Procurement must be notified immediately.


Delivery Dates

A delivery normally must be made in the exact quantity called for on the purchase order. Partial deliveries, however, are required and accepted in some instances.

The City will make payment on partial deliveries when:

  1. A contract for the supply of goods, commodities, or contractual services extends over a period of months
  2. Authorization for payment is made by the receiving department

In the case of any partial delivery, the shipping ticket and invoices must indicate the quantity being delivered and not the quantity ordered by the City.