FoodCycle At Home

Did you know the majority of the food thrown away is compostable? Composting gives back to the community, reduces waste, and decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

What is FoodCycle?

The City of Tucson's FoodCycle Program is a full-service food scrap collection and composting program operated by Environmental Services in partnership with the University of Arizona Compost Cats.

How does the service work?

  1. Customers receive training materials and plastic containers, depending on their volume, to fill with the food scraps they generate.
  2. Compost Cats conducts an onboarding training with all employees to set customers up for success while participating in the program.
  3. Containers are emptied once or twice a week and the scraps are taken to the Los Reales Composting Facility where they are mixed with green waste and turned into compost.
  4. The compost is then redistributed throughout the community.
  5. Compost Cats conducts audits of food waste at regular intervals to ensure quality control.
  6. Additional trainings are provided on an as-needed basis or as requested by customers.