TPCH Releases ‘The Cost of Ending Homelessness in Pima County’

Published on September 15, 2023

Tucson Pima County Collaboration to End Homelessness (TPCH) released its gap analysis that showed an additional 1,367 shelter beds and 4,901 units of supportive housing will be needed to end homelessness in Pima County within the next five years.

TPCH’s report, "The Cost of Ending Homelessness in Pima County," identifies the number of additional housing navigation and diversion, emergency shelter, and supportive housing beds that are needed to effectively resolve homelessness in the region and, using current system costs, estimates the additional financial investment that is needed to achieve this aim.

"Homelessness, a complex and multifaceted crisis, has far-reaching consequences that affect individuals and families alike, eroding the social fabric that binds us together. This report represents the culmination of system analysis, collaboration, and shared contributions among stakeholders committed to a future where homelessness is a distant memory," stated Jocelyn Muzzin, TPCH board chairperson, in the report.

TPCH estimates that up to $70 million is spent annually to reduce homelessness. Funds come from federal, state, local, and philanthropic sources which support programs ranging from direct cash assistance to supportive housing, street outreach, childcare, nutrition, addiction recovery, and other services. But to end homelessness, significantly more resources will be necessary, stated the report.


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